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Best Android Apps to keep you Productive in 2020 [ Guide ]

This Article then you’re most likely having trouble being productive or you’re finding your phone to be too much of a distraction don’t worry we’ve all been there and felt that way so today I will be showing you the best Android apps to help keep you productive

so the first app that you see when you unlock your phone is the launcher no matter what launcher you use I recommend keeping it minimal with only one to two widgets on the home page a couple of your favorite apps put inside of folders and only your most necessary apps on the dock if you are addicted to an app or a game and you can’t push yourself to uninstall it then at least avoid putting it on your home screen

that way you won’t get reminded about it every time you unlock the phone and make it harder on yourself to find the app within the app drawer however nothing will make you more productive than an actual launcher dedicated to this goal so if you want to try to avoid any distracting wallpapers pretty widgets or any other unwanted distractions I recommend you download indistractible launcher

Download -Indistracable Launcher

let’s add up pretty much says it all there are only two screens found within this launcher the first one includes the time date the progress of the day or year any percentage and a list of you necessary apps down below the text that says calls opens the phone app tasks lets you create a checklist of the things that you want to focus on for the day and then you can include up to four of your favorite apps swiping to the right will pull up the second screen

which has all of your apps in a list format and it includes a search bar long pressing in app brings up a menu that lets you add it to your favorites hide it rename it or even uninstall it that’s the entire launcher it’s very simple and within the settings you can modify it a bit but it’s not going to let you change much the whole idea is to create a clutter free minimalist launcher to help you keep focused however nothing is more distracting than unimportant notifications

if you’re always getting interrupted by them yet you still don’t want to entirely turn off the apps notifications just in case it provides you with an important one in the future then I recommend you check out Daywise

Download – Daywise

this app will only let you see imports and notifications instantly and it will notify you and let you see all the other notifications later on in the day when you’re not busy instant notifications can include messaging apps calendar events uber write alerts phone calls emails or anything

you deem important in contrast all of the other notifications will only notify you in a couple of times a day in batches that way you can avoid taking your phone hundreds of times a day next we have an app that lets you stay organized and be productive with an entire team of individuals it’s called band and they did sponsor this video but honestly this is an excellent group communication platform but lets

you keep every member in the same information loop in the app groups are called bands and I created one for the how-to Men team doing this made it really easy to bring the entire group together band provided a private communication space where I could share announcements scheduled events have photo video or file resources and I could try with the entire group or message members individually

this app is also equipped with advanced group features including read receipts polls signup attendance live streaming and advanced group management that makes group communication simple and powerful and since I was the leader I have the ability to allow or disable certain features for group members the best part is that all these features are free with no hidden fees they don’t even have text or group size limits and you can create as many groups as you want Bente is also very secure and doesn’t allow anyone outside your group to access your data or conversations and those who had this app testified

that having a dedicated group space within band has strengthened their team bond and created a sense of community where everyone is constantly connected so download the band app today through the link in the description another great way to become productive when using your phone is being well aware of what apps you use the most and how long you use your phone digital wellbeing by Google is a great way to learn about your phone

Download – Wellbeing by Google

using habits it even comes pre-installed with in most Android devices just check the system settings to find it and it will let you know how long you use your phone each day what apps you use the most and how long you use those apps

how many times you’ve unlock the phone the number of received notifications and the number of times you’ve opened an app you can even set app timers to lock yourself out of addicting apps when you go over the set time limit and if you just want to automatically lock distracting apps free set time period for one year in a zoom meeting at school or work you can do so with focus mode the app also makes it easier to put down your phone at night with bedtime mode since it’ll remind you that it’s time to sleep bye the colors on your screen gray and automatically enabling do not disturb mom it’s the perfect app to pinpoint noisy apps and to let you take control of your phone using habits

Download – Actiondash

however I do know that not every phone supports digital wellbeing so a great alternative that has pretty much the same functionality is action – it records your screen time number of apps you use focus mode bedtime mode app timers number of notifications and any other feature found within digital well being the next app to help you keep productive is very simple yet quite useful if you can’t stop checking your phone it’s called unlockclock and it’s a live wallpaper that displays the number of times you’ve unlocked your smartphone throughout the day so once you unlock it the number increases by one and by midnight

Download – Unlockclock

the number resets back to zero simple as that paper phone is another app that helps you spend less time on your smart phone it does this by creating a phone for you that won’t distract you from your everyday tasks or relationships it basically prints out a paper for you to fold into a book and in this paper phone you can choose what to include such as favorite contacts some of the tasks that you need to complete weather info for the day pictures a blink spot to write down notes directions to a specific location and more they have a section called paperapps

Download – Paper Phone

which allows you to print cooking receipts Sudoku games a maze conversion charts sign language and more it’s a neat idea the only problem that I have with it or not the printing format is a4 size and not standard letter size so some information will be cut off if you use a letter paper however you can still use Adobe Acrobat to scale down the PDF to print a little better another great way to stay productive is to plan out your day and keep track of your daily activities boosted is the perfect app for this and it’s very straightforward to use you start by adding

your projects for the day mine would be reading working on you creating a YouTube video meditation and then free time then within those projects I can also include tasks so for reading I can specify the type of book that I want to read for those YouTube videos I can state what video I’m working on and when I want to begin a task or a project I simply start the timer over time the app will show you detailed reports of your daily activities not Spinelli’s if nothing is working out and you can’t put down your phone then download lock me out from the title alone

Download – lock me out

I’m pretty sure you can guess what this app does it just locks you out of your phone completely for a set amount of time you won’t be able to access your games apps launcher notifications nothing you can even set rules for example if you used your phone for more than two hours the app will lock you out for one hour if screen time for specific apps exceeds ten minutes or you open those apps more than ten times you can also get locked out for an hour it’s a bit harsh but necessary

if you’re an addict you can also just schedule lockout periods and if you’d like you can choose what happier to use while you’re booted out of your phone that’s just the tip of the iceberg there are a ton more features found within this lock me out app by the way if you having one plus device you can do the same thing within this end mode app just look in the shop page on the oneplus launcher and you should be able to find it either way those are the best productivity apps for Android.


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