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Best screen recording app on android and Iphone in 2020

If you wanna learn how to record the screen on your mobile device maybe you wanna record your game or maybe you wanna do something cool like this then you’re gonna wanna read this article because I’m gonna show you how to do it on your iPhone and your Android device.

where I help you take your mobile device and turn it into a pocket-size production studio and so much more. So for this article I had to make the decision am I gonna show you how to do it on the iPhone first or am I gonna show you how to do it on Android? Well, the decision is for no reason Android.

Download – AZ Screen Recorder

For Android – Download – AZ Screen Recorder

For Apple – Download – AZ Screen Recorder

Now for the Android device, we’re gonna use the AZ Screen Recorder or AZ Screen Recorder, it’s a free app, and thou there are a lot of options out there to record your screen it’s my personal favorite for Android. Now AZ Screen Recorder also works on iOS however in my experience on my Android device there are a lot more controls in AZ Screen Recorder than when you do it on your iOS device. I don’t know why but we can probably blame Apple. Thanks, Apple.

So the first thing you wanna do when you open AZ Screen Recorder is come up here to the options where the four boxes are top on that and it’s gonna present a whole bunch of options for you up here. You’re gonna get your camera access, you can go live, you can edit your video, march videos, wifi transfer, edit the image, stitch your images together.

This alone is pretty powerful but we’re gonna go all the way to the right to the settings and we’re gonna go down to video resolution and on this, I’m choosing 1080p that’s the highest one that I can record on my device, and video quality I’m gonna bump that up as high as possible too. Now if your phone is laggy or having a problem recording the video you might wanna come down and knock it down one or even two until it records smoothly.

Now, this is your frame rate. I keep mine on 30 frames per second which should probably cover you if you’re going stream recording. However, if you are a gamer you might wanna bump up to 60 frames per second because that’s gonna give you a smoother playback.
But we’re gonna keep this at 30. Video orientation I keep on auto so it doesn’t matter which way I flip the phone is gonna cover it. Record audio, now this one says internal audio recording is not allowed by Android, however, it gives you the option to record.

On my device, I can plug in a mike and I can record audio while we’re doing a screen recording and I wanna show you how I do that in just a moment. Moving on down you can hide the record window when you’re recording, you can shake the phone to start recording, you can change your countdown, you can show touches. So as you’re going to screen recording as you touch it’s going to leave a little mark to show you where you’re touching it. And they have a watermark.

So if you enable the watermark it’s gonna put the AZ Screen Recorder watermark on there. We don’t want that so we’re gonna make sure that is turned off. However, you can add your own watermark. You can add text or add an image. Just go in there and add that and it will put it on top of whatever you record. And you can do the same for your live streams. And it’s pretty much we’re gonna do on this.

So we’re gonna close this down. Then when we actually want to record all we have to do is go to this top button and hit record. And it’s gonna say the AZ Screen Recorder will capture everything that’s displayed on your screen. Now I keep this on and I don’t check don’t show again because this is a reminder to me to put in airplane mode or quiet mode turn off my internet whatever it’s I’m gonna do so I don’t get messages and those get recorded when I’m trying to record something. So we’re gonna start. It’s gonna give you a countdown and it’s gonna start recording.

So whatever I’m doing here it’s recording everything that I do. And when I wanna stop I pull down and I hit stop. And then it gives me an option on what I wanna do. I can share it and go to these options if I wanna share it. I can delete it or I can play it and watch it. Now if you wanna record your own voice into your phone while you’re recording you can do that. You’re gonna want to plug in a microphone for the best possible audio quality. If you don’t do that you’re just gonna hear the mike that’s built into the phone and the quality’s not so good, however, it does work. So let’s go in and do a little recording so I can show you how this sounds.

Okay so now the audio is just coming in through the live ear microphone that I have plugged into the top of my phone. I’m gonna put a link in the description below for that. So let’s see what this looks like and sounds like. Now one really cool feature that I like with the AZ Screen Recorder is if you’re doing reaction videos or maybe you wanna record gaming and you wanna put your face on there I don’t know why I keep taping that you wanna go up here type on the wrench and turn on the camera feature.

What that’s gonna do is activate the front camera on your phone you’re gonna see right there you’re now seeing my DSLR so we can enlarge that, right? And if you turn it it’s gonna turn with you, hey. Now, whatever it is I’m gonna record it’s gonna record wherever my screen is. So we’re gonna leave it there, we’re gonna start recording and as you see it’s recording my video as I move around my phone, whatever it is that I do it’s gonna record. When you’re gonna close it you just exit out right there. Really cool feature unfortunately it’s not available on iOS, or at least I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. If you do please let me know. If you’re not using the app or the method that I shared with you today to record your screen leave a comment down below let me know how you are recording your screen, maybe you have another way, another app, maybe something that’s even better than this.

Leave a comment I will check it out I’ll try to reply to as many as I can I do appreciate the feedback. Okay, okay iPhone users. Thank you so much for being patient and sitting through that, I do appreciate it. Now the AZ Screen Recorder that I just showed you for the Android device will work on your iOS device but some of the features are not working on my phone. Maybe you can put it in yours and maybe they will work on yours I’m not sure but it wouldn’t work on my iPhone 7. And what we are gonna do today is we’re gonna use the native recorder that comes with iOS 11.

If you don’t have iOS 11 you might wanna think about an upgrade but make sure you back everything up before you do an upgrade just in case something goes wonky in the process. And for those who do have iOS 11, I’m gonna show you how to put it in, set it up, as well as set up the AZ Screen Recorder if you wanna have that option to use that as well. So let’s get started. Okay by default the screed recording does not come activated in iOS 11, so you need to go to settings, then you need to come to control center, make sure access within apps is activated, customize controls, then you wanna scroll down here until you see screen recording and you’ll see it’s gonna add it to right here.

So we’re gonna back on out and now what you’ll notice if you scroll up from the bottom you’re gonna see this little button right down here. That is your screen recorder and if you press it do a force press. You’re gonna see it pops up some options down here. Now, these are the other screen recorders that I have installed on the phone. You see I have AZ Screen Recorder Live installed. So when you install AZ Screen Recorder this is how you’re going to activate it.

So basically you’ll go in here force push and you’ll scroll down and you’ll click on AZ Screen Recorder Live and then that’s gonna activate the AZ Screen Recorder. However, for this one we’re gonna do the native recorder and you’ll notice down here they have microphone audio on. So you can turn off your audio but if you wanna record your microphone you’re gonna need that on. Now if you have the recorder all ready set and you’re not gonna toggle through to chose a different app all you have to do is swipe up from the bottom and just hit record and you’ll get your countdown and it’s gonna start recording.

So now we’ve connected the dangle to the microphone and we’re gonna do a screen recording and test out the mike so you can hear what it sounds like on your iPhone. So we’re gonna go back up, we’re gonna force press to make sure camera roll was selected that’s the native screen recorder, but if you wanted DU it’s right there but understand that AZ Screen Recorder on your iPhone doesn’t have the same features as it does on Android. So we’re gonna make sure camera roll is on and we’re gonna make sure the microphone audio is on which is red, and then we’re gonna hit start recording. So now you see the countdown and now we’re screen recording.

So we can go in and you also see it blinking right there that means it’s recording. Now I’m not gonna record a game because I don’t wanna deal with a copyright strike but you can record your voice as well as the game in your iPhone and that’s pretty cool. So when you wanna stop all you have to do is come up to the red bar on the top and tap that and then stop it, and that’s how you stop the recording.

Now it’s gonna give you this little bubble right here, you can tap it and it’s gonna open it right up so you can see exactly what it is you just recorded. And that is how you record the screen on your Android or iPhone. Thank you so much for reading my article I do appreciate it.

Download – AZ Screen Recorder

For Android – Download – AZ Screen Recorder

For Apple – Download – AZ Screen Recorder


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