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Google Pixel Buds Honest Review

I teamed up with hashtag team pixel to show off some spectacular new features from the recent feature drop for the new google pixel buds let’s check them out first and foremost transcribe mode a new translation feature that makes listening to others in a different language a whole lot easier before we had conversation mode you could say hey google help me speak Spanish and then the assistant would open the translate app in conversation mode from there

you could press and hold the earbud to talk to the person in front of you and have a back and forth conversation whatever you would say your phone would playback the translated speech through the phone speaker [Music] and when the other person speaks you could tap on the mic within the app to directly hear the translation in your earbuds now google is taking it a step further with a feature called transcribe mode for those times when you’re not having a conversation but just trying to listen and understand essentially you can have a more natural translation experience

that lets you focus on the person you’re listening to a great example of this was the other day I was trying to tell my cousin a funny joke that I read on the internet but since he’s a native Spanish speaker and not that fluent in English he didn’t really understand it so I had him put on the pixel buds and say hey google are you on tendering less from there google assistant opened transcribe mode within the translate app and every word that I said in English was translated right in my cousin’s ear he could even read along on the phone if he wanted to without knowing English that well he understood

what I was saying much more easily with transcribing mode it’s easy to stay in the moment and focus on the emotions and facial expressions of the person that is in front of you the next new feature in the feature drop are something that many people have been asking for a bit more bass when listening to audio the team listen and added a new option within the sound menu of the google pixel bud settings there you will find a toggle titled bass boost enabling that option you guessed it will increase the bass of the pixel buds and once it’s enabled it will work on any other source devices

that the pixel buds then pair with such as phones tablets laptops etc like the other features in this feature drop you will need a phone running Android 6.0 or above to access I love that the pixel buds team added this feature since I tend to listen to a ton of hip hop music with lots of basses once in a while I allow him to use one of my pixel buds so he can clearly hear what is being said in the video, of course, I make sure that I sanitize the earbud beforehand but a problem that can occur is that he may enjoy listening to videos at a higher volume than

what will I prefer now that’s no longer an issue with the pixel buds because the new feature sharing detection lets you individually control the volume of each earbud by using swipes when listening to content so if my friend wants to increase the volume on his wireless bud it won’t affect my currently set volume level one of the biggest annoyances that I have when using wireless buds is not knowing how much battery life they have left it usually comes to me as a surprise when any of my wireless headphones die

that’s why the pixel buds teams made it easier to know exactly how much battery the pixel buds have left by just saying hey google what’s the battery on my earbuds it’s a quick and effortless feature and of course, you can still see the battery levels of each earbud and the case within the pixel bud settings I love the touch controls on the pixel buds simply tapping them once to play or pause music or double-tapping to skip tracks is extremely useful but these gesture controls are not always a viable option for example

when working out from home for some people it may be a bit difficult to adjust the earbuds in constant motion so to give you more control you can now temporarily turn those touch controls on or off by simply saying hey google turn off touch controls or you can also toggle it within the pixel bud settings simple as that whenever I put on my headphones one of my fears is missing important things that are happening around me while attention alerts is a new experimental feature that aims to detect a few crucial sounds around you including

  • a barking dog
  • a crying baby
  • an emergency vehicle siren

this comes in handy for example if you have a dog and you’re waiting for a package from the delivery person or if you’re a newborn parent wanting to stay alert you can turn the alerts on or off individually once turned on and the sound is detected attention alerts makes you aware of them by lowering the audio volume for a moment and playing a chime after a few seconds your volume will return back to normal and attention alerts will not re-trigger within one minute of the same sound so now you’ll be more aware of your surroundings

while you jam out to your favorite songs or you watch a great movie last but not least pixel buds would take it a step further to help you find your pixel buds if you lose them by adding the last known location to the find my device feature so in other words like before if your pixel buds are still connected to your android phone you can ring each one individually but if they’re disconnected and you can’t find them find my device will let you know where their last known location was on a map that way you can narrow down an area to start looking for them

for example, whether you may have left them at home or at work if you own the new google pixel buds you will be able to try out these features once the automatic firmware update rolls out to you all you need is a smartphone running Android 6.0 or newer to use these new features on your google pixel buds and for those considering buying the pixel buds google just launched the earbuds in more colors including almost black quite mint and oh so orange i hope that you enjoyed learning a little more about the new features that were recently updated on your google pixel buds thank you for reading☺


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