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Hands on Honest review on Oneplus Nord

I gotta say I’m impressed it’s not a device that can be purchased in the states but it is set to launch in India so shout out to all my Indian fans the device is relatively cheap at around 34 990 Indian rupees which are about 470 dollars a similar price range to the oneplus Nord actually

if you want me to compare those two phones drop a thumbs up and I may make it in the future now the things that stood out to me from the reno 4 pros were the design software since I’ve never used color os before a few camera features and the charging speed it’s a beautiful looking phone and it’s pretty big as well with the display size of 6.5 inches yet somehow it still feels extremely lightweight

it even weighs less than the oneplus Nod rwhich is a lot smaller I usually prefer the extra weight on a device though but this was still a nice change, either way, the phone reminds me of the oneplus 8 from the front with the same camera hole punch and curved edges the back, however, is what really caught my attention it’s got an anti-glare matte finish so you won’t ever obtain any fingerprints but you can still get smudges from any oil or greases on your fingertips it’s just not as noticeable the matte finish also gave the phone a lot more grip so I felt confident holding

this phone and using it still even with that grippy material on the back the curved screen on the front didn’t make the phone feel as comfortable to hold and it did experience some accidental touches not a huge deal though after all I just ended up installing edge block from the play store to create a touch protected area on the phone’s edges other than that I really love the design of the arena 4 pros it looks beautiful has a giant bezel-less display

the quad-camera module on the back adds a bit of spice to the design and the phone has a perfect button placement and for that cherry on top there’s a rare headphone jack you don’t see many of these nowadays I’ve tried plenty of the latest smartphones in the past year or two and this is one of the few that still come with a jack pretty cool when it comes to the cameras they’re pretty much the same ones found within the oneplus Nord it’s got a 48 megapixel primary lens with the same exact sony sensor an 8 megapixel ultra-wide a macro lens and a 2 megapixel mono camera plus the same 32 megapixel selfie camera as the Nord it’s just missing the second ultra-wide shooter but even though

the modules are identical that doesn’t mean that they take the same exact photos i did find the reno 4 pros to be a lot more accurate color accuracy saturation and contrast were all done right on the other hand pictures taken on the oneplus Nord felt like they had a filter on top since the camera would remarkably increase the contrast and sharpening so I’m glad that oppo did a much better job in the processing of photos the only thing that I will say is that pictures do look a bit over softened

it can overexpose at times and the macro camera is pretty bad it doesn’t get as close as I like it to get and intends to focus on random objects on the side of the photo instead of the main subject in the center when getting up close now my favorite camera features that set this phone apart from the competition are portrait color retention and night flare portrait two different effects when using portrait mode the color retention makes the background colors turn black and white

while the person in the shot still has natural colors this takes portraits to a whole other level and you can even record video with this effect enabled I thought that was very cool you can also choose to isolate colors with any shots just the objects that are blue-green or red here’s a sample video with just the green filter enabled it really makes the plants and grass pop and here’s a video with the blue filter which isolates the blue sky with light flare portrait

you can focus on the person in a different fashion this time by blurring out the background and making any background lights become spotted however it doesn’t support video recording or when you switch to the front camera it doesn’t work as well oppo isn’t the first company to do this Samsung has had the same portrait effects since the release of the galaxy note 10 plus I’m just glad

that it’s available on a much cheaper device as for night shots they were great especially when I used ultra-dark mode it had no problem taking a dimly lit environment and making the photo a lot clearer and detailed however sometimes it can have difficulty obtaining a focused shot at night even when I’m ex being extremely steady and for whatever reason, the ultra-dark mode doesn’t seem to work that well for the ultra-wide lens so I was a little disappointed with that but still for the price low light performance, in general, is great finally the front camera was spectacular it provided detailed shots with good color accuracy and worked well at night it can overexpose but for the most part, most shots come out looking great I even love

that you can use ultra dark mode with the selfie shooter the Oneplus good’s night skate feature didn’t allow for that moving on the performance of the phone was pleasant it didn’t impress me but I wasn’t disappointed it was still just as fast as most other devices in this price range it could easily handle basic tasks such as growing through social media playing animations and transitions smoothly handling various popular games and opening apps quickly it can also handle plenty of apps in the background thanks to the eight gigabytes of ram and I was very satisfied with the speed and reliability of the under-display fingerprint

sensor unlocked just as fast as the Oneplus 8 pro which is impressive considering the price difference, on the other hand, the baseline feature would sometimes unlock just as fast as the Oneplus 8 pros but it’s not as reliable the overall performance of the reno may not be as fast or smooth as the Oneplus 8 pro but in terms of speed the difference is minuscule the Oneplus 8 pro does have a higher refresh rate at 120 hertz and has a better processor but it was only slightly faster

when opening apps or transitioning to a different page the only time that the arena 4 pros will begin to lose its fluidity is when you start to play a heavy 3d graphic game like pub at the highest quality setting or you try to run a power-intensive app like a screen recorder or video editor the battery life was spectacular with this 4 000 milliamp-hour battery I usually obtain a screen on time of around 6 hours and it would easily last me the entire day that in itself is great to see but what really impressed me was the inclusion of a 65-watt fast charger even though the brick is enormous as of now to really fast charging technology so

you can fully charge the reno 4 pros in just 36 minutes I sometimes didn’t even bother charging overnight because the battery was usually above 70 percent thanks to this extremely fast charging technology and oppo isn’t stopping there on their twitter they teased about a 125 watt charging speed which could essentially fully charge your device in around 15 minutes the only thing you will be missing out on on the reno 4 pros is wireless charging by the way finally

when using the software on the arena 4 pros it was a bit of a refreshment it’s running color os 7.2 and the thing about the software is that it feels like a theme that was installed from the play store I love the unique look of the quick settings panel the system settings volume panel and the default apps that apple created such as the gallery game space and their own clock app there are many creative features that come within the software that I’ve never seen before for example on the home screen I can swipe up on the bottom corner and every app will drop down to make it easier to open

it’s very convenient for one-handed use another unique feature is quick to return bubble I couldn’t get it to work because this feature only works in certain countries but essentially when you’re in a game such as pubg you can minimize it in between matches to have it become a floating bubble then you can quickly respond to a message that you got while you were playing and the bubble will let you know when the match will begin again it seems like a great idea but again I couldn’t try it out I also really love the stock wallpapers

they’re really abstract and artistic with all them being crafted with by big-name designers around the world I even love their live wallpapers such as this landscape one which follows the daylight in your area or the moonlight wallpaper which follows the gyroscope of the phone the screenshot animation was pretty unique whenever you took one you could swipe up on the little preview to enable expandable screenshots or you can swipe down on it to share it you can swipe up with three fingers to enter split-screen mode and

you can clone apps if you would like to use multiple accounts for an app that doesn’t support it such as skype or Facebook that’s just the tip of the iceberg there are so many other bells and whistles within this interface if you guys want me to review color os in a separate article let me know by dropping a leaving a comment I’ll even go over some of the things I didn’t like about color os such as the fact that you can only dismiss a notification on a single side and not both or the fact that the stock launcher doesn’t support icon packs from the play store finally a few extra things that you should keep in mind is that

this phone is missing a good amount of features that most other higher-end flagships have things like water resistance wireless charging NFC stereo speakers a higher refresh rate higher resolution display ufs 3.0 and gaming performance won’t be as smooth as when you play heavy 3d graphic game at the highest setting there could be a compromise to some so be attentive to what features are missing

still, I think for the price the reno 4 pro is a really great option it may not be available to everyone but if you’re one of the few that can’t purchase this phone you’re going to get great cameras a big beautiful display with 90 hertz and display fingerprint sensor a headphone jack expandable storages great battery life extremely fast charging speed and decent performance there are a lot of great features found within this device either way that’s my full review of the arena 4 pros.

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