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Hyperion Launcher vs Nova Launcher Which is the best

three months ago I compared nova launcher with launcher 2 and a lot of people seem to like that video so today I will make another launcher comparison this time with Hyperion launcher and we’re going to see what is the better option this is the fo comparison between nova launcher and Hyperion launcher by the way


Download – Hyperion launcher

Download – Nova Launcherr

if you want to watch my videos in Spanish be sure to check out my second channel called how to men in Espanol I’ll include the link in the description starting with the accessibility both of these can’t be downloaded off the Play Store for free however they also include a premium version to unlock all the pro features Hyperion supreme cost a dollar and 99 cents while Nova Launcher prime is a bit more pricey at $4.99 interesting price difference both of which like you unlock various features within the app including gesture support hiding apps custom launcher fonts etc those premium features could be and make it or break your deal so it’s definitely worth pointing out

now as I said before in the previous episode people download nova launcher is either only downloading it because it’s popular or because it’s considered by most to be the best option for customizing your home screen, on the other hand, Hyperion launcher is a relatively new competitor around two years old so it doesn’t have as many installs it has around 500,000 which is still a lot but it’s nothing crazy as 50 million

which nova launcher has since it was released back in 2011 it had some time to grow those numbers but anyways people who download Hyperion launcher are usually looking for something a bit more refreshing with unique features still keep in mind that Nova developers are a bit more active in providing more frequent updates mostly security or bug fixes it seems like they’ve reached a point where they aren’t really trying to experiment with any new crazy features Hyperion launcher, on the other hand, is more likely to do so since its audience isn’t as big and it’s still relatively new but up until this month

they’ve actually been inactive for a really long time so hopefully, this is their comeback here now before I jump straight into the future comparisons of each launcher I wanted to give a shout out to revolute for sponsoring this video Breville uu is a personal finance app that there’s a much better job amending your money and you were in the world think of it as a digital banking alternative when you sign up they ship you a free contactless debit card like the one

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I was talking about earlier you also get worldwide travel insurance access to airport lounges worldwide unlimited for an exchange and a lot more all of these features and more built into one well-designed easy to use application so get yourself a free revolute and ER card when you sign up using my referral link in the description so let’s break down what exactly you get with each launcher when you put up nova launcher for the first time it enables you to customize a basic layout real easily

which is a nice start for the average Joe if you already have a nova settings back the file from another phone you can easily drop that in when you tap on browse otherwise you’ll have to start fresh selecting your preferred theme and the app drawer style Hyperion launcher doesn’t really have an initial setup process it just has a neat animation of their logo and then asks you to enable this storage permission after

that it’ll toss you straight into the home screen it’s a more abrupt process since it’s making you figure things out on your own but it’s not a big deal since once you jump into the settings you’ll see how well organized everything is unlike nova launcher which has all of its menus cluster together Hyperion breaks up each section into categories so you can quickly find something you’re looking for plus the settings interface within Hyperion just looks a lot less intimidating in a bit more modern for example

if you want to customize the icons or the accent color those options are both in the theming section if you like to customize the great layout that’s in the layout section very straightforward now both launchers have the basics such as custom grid layout support for both the desktop and app drawer hey Doc my compact support a dark theme accent colors the option to lock the desktop scrolling wallpaper integrations including the Google discover panel and sesame shortcuts backup and restore and a lot more anyways

let’s start with Nova Launcher and see what features that include the Hyperion doesn’t or just us better the first one is when you launch an app or return to the home screen Nova Launcher has more options for changing the animation of the app Hyperion also lets you change the app launch animation but it only includes one option nova launcher also has a lot more transition effects for the home screen you can add an option within the pop-up menu when long-pressing an app to quickly relaunch it just in case the app isn’t working properly nova launcher lets you customize the search bar immensely within the app drawer and home screen you can even replace it entirely

if it’s in the dock with another four by one widget like a kW GT widget Hyperion on the other hand only allows you to customize the icons and local search providers for the folders you can customize it a lot better including the window style transition when opening it the icon folder appearance and you can even add a swipe of action to it so, for example, I can swipe up on a folder and it can launch a random task or application both apps have really great gesture support with similar amounts of actions

nova launcher does have more gestures to choose from and also supports apps shortcuts Hyperion is also missing a really meaningful gesture that I’d love to use it’s the pinch in gesture it’s a great way to bring up the page free views of the home screen so kind of a bummer that it’s missing on Hyperion and the last feature that I wish I Peary in had and this also goes for launch here too is the ability to add blank pages once in a while I’d like to take in my wallpaper without having any icons or widgets to distract me and the best way to do so is with a blank page to the far right or when using a kW LP file

you need blank pages switching it over to Hyperion launcher a lot of these exclusive features are pretty creative and unique which is why so many people love using this launcher over the competition first off there is custom font support so you can legit download any font file from the web and use it as the font within this launcher you can lock apps using your fingerprint or the face unlock feature

if you have a pixel for when you long-press on an app the pop-up menu will show up and you can tap on the eye icon to bring up even more information about the app including version number where it was updated from etc and you can uninstall it straight from within this menu no launcher also lets you uninstall from the home screen but it doesn’t include a custom app info menu another unique option that you can add 2 rows of apps in the doc and if you combine that with multiple doc pages

you can have a staggering amount of apps in the doc however the to world doc feature is only in the premium version since this launcher is based on the pixel launcher it comes with an at-a-glance widget which is really customizable plus you can show it below the doc on the home screen and you can add a ton more options for the long-press menu on the home screen those are the most significant differences between each launcher they both have a lot of the same features but I didn’t want to mention every single one otherwise this video would be really long and tedious from

what I can tell after looking at the differences is that a nova launcher has most of the same features that Hyperion has but implements most of them a whole lot better by allowing you to customize them a lot more to me Hyperion launcher has a better selection of unique features that you won’t find on any other launcher and it’s also a bit more straightforward to use if I had to choose which one to go with it would have to be nova launcher just because it’s a lot more reliable for customization

for example, it has a higher desktop-grade of 12 by 12 Hyperion only goes up to 10 by 10 nova launcher also supports blank pages which are perfect for kwi LP wallpapers and I have experienced a lot more bugs with 9 periods such as the search function within the settings not working sometimes or when I change something within the home screen settings is sometimes doesn’t immediately apply the modification

I need to four-stop it to get it to work obviously I’m nitpicking at this point because both of these launchers are really amazing but I do still think that Hyperion launcher does have some work to do to take the lead as the better launcher here he’s the way that’s a quick comparison between nova launcher and Hyperion launcher


Download – Hyperion launcher

Download – Nova Launcherr


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