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Logitech G Pro X Wireless 1 month Use Honest Review

I wanted to talk to you quickly about the Logitech g pro x wireless gaming headphones these are gaming headphones or new gaming headphones from Logitech

that I’ve been using for a little over a month now and I just wanted to share my thoughts about this headphones and why I feel like they’re an absolute steal for the 200 price point that they’re selling for and one very obvious con or problem that I have with these headphones that may or may not be a deal-breaker for you basically just one thing that I noticed or that I’ve experienced with these headphones that you may absolutely hate or may absolutely not even matter to you so the Logitech g pro x wireless is wireless gaming headphones that have zero-latency basically using USB light speed

so you get a dongle in the box that you basically have to plug into the computer that basically gives you zero latency when you’re gaming with this headphones now obviously you could just argue that why not just buy the wired version of this headphones but the convenience of having wireless especially with your microphone just right there and not having to worry about any cables would really really help you especially if you’re some sort of competitive professional gamer or anything like that and speaking of the unboxing experience it was actually pretty straightforward

you basically get the headphones you get a microphone that basically plugs into a jack that’s provided on the headphones from the company blue and oddly enough I never actually knew Logitech purchased the company blue until I actually started to test and use these headphones and I received my unit and I saw the blue microphone in the box that was a really really fun discovery now besides the headphone on the microphone obviously you’re going to get extra haircuts that are basically going to be velvet because the ones that come married to the headphones themselves are actually leather and you’re going to get a carrying pouch you’re going to get some paperwork basically

you’re going to get your USB-C charging cable you’re going to get your dongle and pretty much that is about it beyond that though changing the ear cups on this are actually very very easy to do in fact it’s crazy simple it’s super straightforward and for somebody like me who actually prefers to use the velvet haircuts that was actually a brace for me it’s not a stressful change in the ear cups on this like it was with my Sennheiser HD 280 pros granted just a different kind of headphones but still, the convenience of this was just absolutely mind-blowing now speaking of the actual design and the build quality of this headphones it’s a metal frame metal everywhere has some plastic on it but it’s mostly metal and the egg cups are actually properly padded with some leather material and it actually looks good on the headphones

you basically get controls for muting your microphone you get a volume down that basically continues to scroll forever pretty much there is no hard stops or anything so if you reduce the volume completely or increase it you can’t really tell by just moving it you have to actually look on your monitor basically to see if your volume is all the way up or all the way down you also get a power switch and you get a USB-C charging port beyond that you get the microphone jack for the blue microphone that’s included in the box and that’s about all the physical bits for this headphones the headbands are also expandable with the metal grilles and inside of the air clubs you basically get hell and arrow basically signifying left and right which basically tells you

what haircut should be on the left and what ear cup should be on the right now there is no swivel to this headphones so wearing them around your neck it’s not the most comfortable thing over an extended period of time but then again this is a wireless gaming headphone you’re probably always going to have them on your head anyway and if they’re not on your head you’re probably just going to completely take them off moving into the actual audio quality of this gaming headphones they actually sound really good if you’re playing fps games like cod or anything they actually have this very expensive feel and it’s very very good for hearing enemies footsteps and reloads and stuff like that and it actually helps a lot now granted the con that I’m going to speak of later in this video kind of renders that a little absolute so to speak but we’re going to get to that in a minute

now another thing that’s really important for any kind of gaming headphones wired or wireless is going to have to be the microphone quality the blue microphone included with this is absolutely fantastic and here’s what I mean you see with the Logitech g obs software that you can install on your mac or windows computer you can basically have control over how your microphone sounds from beginning to hand so you have controls over your eq’s frequencies de-essers high-pass filters everything even compression you can literally do everything inside of the software so you sound exactly how you want to sound to the people you’re playing against or playing with which is absolutely fantastic

they also have some preset settings that are basically stored by very very popular people in the industry that you can actually still use to you knowingly choose to sound like those people but i felt that was a little redundant especially when you consider the fact that no two people have the exact same voice so it doesn’t actually make you sound like those people you’re basically just using your settings and that may not be perfect for your use case so it’s probably always going to be better for you to actually create your own settings or your own presets for your use so when you actually get these headphones to make sure that you download the Logitech g up the software and you actually mess with the blue voice activate

it tests it move it around trying to get the best performance for your voice and you’d absolutely thank me for that all right so this is an example of what this microphone sounds like when you’re using it for gaming basically the microphone sounds fantastic it’s really clear it’s really audible and it’s really nice one thing though is i think that the best for the best results it would actually make sense for you to completely get rid of the noise reduction because that then makes the voice a little tinny and if you’d like to keep some of the basses in your voice you might want to turn off the high pass filter as well and then you can probably get a little bit of a low end in your

what you might call it audio now speaking a little bit about the battery life of this gaming headphones you get around 20 hours plus with these gaming headphones in my use case probably because I’m using up very very loud volumes I was only able to use this for around 19 plus hours but I guess that makes sense especially because I am constantly with headphones on my head so it absolutely makes sense I absolutely did not turn them off for one long marathon gaming session and a little bit about the actual sound quality of the headphones themselves these headphones actually work decently as headphones for listening to music

I mean, of course, they are not audio filled headphones by any means so these are not going to be like your studio monitoring headphones or proper colored headphones for listening to music I’m just saying they are actually really really adequate the bass is really clean you’re not going to be getting any interference or distortion especially with the 2.4 gigahertz wireless no latency playback thing it actually sounds really good I was surprised now I was not expecting gaming headphones no matter the price point to actually be really good for listening to music if you wanted to just quickly do that but this one actually works really fine you can actually use this for other things besides gaming so beyond listening to music

you can basically use this to improve the audio quality for your zoom cores your skype calls whatever um classes whatever you’re doing at home right now that involves some sort of voice calls skype calls stuff like that it actually still helps in that instance as well so I’ve been speaking about econ all day and I’ve not really pointed out what that con is now yes I am a gamer but I am mostly a console gamer I know don’t shoot me I do not own a pc I use a mac for my work and then I game on a console

now the kind of games that I play on my mac is very light-hearted games things like monopoly and some literally two strategy games that don’t actually require any sort of intensive gaming headphone experience so I actually would prefer to have gaming headphones that would work on my computer as well as on my console the problem with this though is they do not support any type of cable so you cannot use them wired and they also do not support Bluetooth which then gets you wondering what happens if I lose my dongle right it’s a little weird to me I mean it makes sense

that it’s wireless no latency gaming headphones we appreciate that but why not give us the option to be able to use it in wired mode as well that would be really helpful for people who are dual gamers who actually use their computers and also came on their consoles like myself for example and a bunch of other people in the world so if you are not a full pc gamer you’re not somebody who games completely on your computer you actually use your console as well this might not be the gaming headphones for you so there’s always going to be that to consider and there is no Bluetooth so if you lose your dongle I’m not sure what happens but I guess we’ll find out now whether that is a deal-breaker for you or not is going to have to be up to you pretty much so you have to decide whether it’s important to you to have your headphones or your gaming headphones

that you paid 200 for being able to work over your gaming computer and also on your gaming console for me personally it almost doesn’t matter because I have other headphones that I can use for that purpose but for somebody else, we spending 200 they might be expecting for their gaming headphones to be able to do everything regardless of that though these gaming headphones are fantastic for what they are excellent microphone from blue excellent listening experience you can actually still use them to listen to music build quality is fantastic the price is really decent for everything that you get in the box and what these headphones actually do and you basically get no latency no distortion no crackling when gaming with these headphones that is fantastic in my opinion for 200 this is an absolute still one other thing though that I noticed with this headphones

that you may or may not like is the fact that because of the rubber feel on these gaming headphones they actually show a lot of oil and shine when your fingers touch them and that may not be something that you like very much I mean the headphones look really good but by the time you touch them a little bit you’re going to end up messing them up and messing up the way that they look and there’s always going to be that to consider so what is my final verdict about this gaming headphones these are excellent gaming headphones, first of all, they are excellent wireless gaming headphones second of all they’re excellent music listening headphones

if that’s what you want to do with them even though that’s not what they’re built for you do get the zero-latency that’s promised 20 hours of battery life on wireless gaming headphones is actually really good and the microphone is excellent so if you’re looking for wireless gaming headphones these are probably the best ones that you can buy right now and a huge thanks to Logitech for sending these headphones out to me, of course, that did not affect my opinion or anything that I said in this video

I have to be completely honest and they are not seeing this video before you this video is going live and they are watching it alongside you so nobody paid me to say anything


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