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Mobile Ready TVs at CES 2020

Having two black bars on the side of a video just because someone recorded in portrait mode when they should have been recording in the landscape, not a problem because now the system has just released a TV called the zero and this TV the zero allows you to rotate the TV in portrait mode on top of that Samsung announced a wide variety of other different stuff including AQ le da k TV a modular a ke display called the wall and a lot more all these products take the TV industry to a whole other level I know you’re dying to hear about Samsung’s new Infinity qle DAK TV

so let’s start it off with that it’s officially called the Samsung Q 950 to me this is the most beautiful TV I have ever seen and nowadays it’s tough to stand out in the TV industry with this new infinity display sampling has pushed the limits of the TV this new q le dak TV has got a nearly invisible bezel that makes for an incredible viewing experience I mean the black edges are shrunk to almost nothing it has a 99% screen to body ratio and to top it all off the TV has a super-thin frame around 15 millimeters to get rid of any distractions

So you’ll really feel like you’re immersed in the content that you’re watching so this is TV sizes that they’re displaying right now are all 85 inches so let’s take a look at how big they are you can see they’re really huge and but on top of that they are extremely thin only 15 millimeters and thinness as you can see right here they have the speakers on the side which is really a really fantastic way to hide the speakers in the back we have two subwoofers and the frame itself is stainless steel

which is a perfect option to hold this giant TV and make it looks like at the same time as if an almost specialist display wasn’t enough this thing has a resolution of 8k I’m not sure if you guys truly understand how incredibly detailed an image looks at this resolution but to put it in perspective 4k resolution displays around 8 million pixels while a key resolution shows off 33 million pixels per frame that’s four times the clarity of 4k resolution

so if we go here into the aka resolution and zoom into the picture all the way zoomed in we have a golfer year you can see the grain of salt here and the ball the dimples on the ball it’s a lot brighter as well versus with 4k the colors aren’t as vibrant it’s a lot muddier it’s actually blurrier to tell that there’s even a lot of detail in the sand or the dirt it’s not as detailed so Samsung’s new TV also has a new processor called the quantum AI which allows you to upscale content to a key resolution so if you look over here it shows you this

this entire board shows you what it’s capable of controlling a lot of the sound you can see the multiple voice assistants it does is the main brain of the entire system and the great thing about this is that once the upscales content it would look like everything you’re watching on TV will look like it’s an 8k which is perfect because nowadays most things that you watch on TV are 1080p or 4k

So why would you want to buy a TV that’s been a key a resolution but most of the content that you have doesn’t even look like it’s an 8k at all so it’s a great idea love it but with Samsung releasing more new a.k TVs on the market for regular consumers this will definitely start to change how content is created to address the gap in the viewing experience within your own home I wouldn’t be surprised if a que content starts to become the norm in the next few years for those technical users this aka AI upscaling is possible through Samsung’s next-generation a keh quantum processor

it uses deep learning technology to create a neural network for the AI to upskill any Content you’re watching the network restores the fine detail and edges from any original content that isn’t in a queue to make it look like it is the TV also comes with a lot of audio features to immerse you in the action of a TV show or a movie, for example, it has active voice amplifiers so it makes the voice of any scene a lot clearer and powerful just in case you’re an environment where there’s a lot of background noise that could disturb your viewing experience did you go to this room after you went to see Mrs. Hoover once yesterday so if you had a party or a loud event like CES 2020 you can still hear the voices of the characters on the screen and as if that wasn’t enough

it comes with object tracking sound plus which provides a cinematic sound experience that tracks the motion in every scene basically 3d sound so if you’re worried that the TV won’t sound that great think again lastly a few other things that this TV offers is multi-view which allows you to watch multiple screens and content simultaneously this includes allowing you to mirror your phone screen so I can watch the game

while I scroll through my social feeds on my phone or I can have the phone screen become a floating window and move it around however I’d like over whatever I’m watching on the TV or just make the phone screen become fullscreen again this is another way Samsung is curating to the future by combining mobile devices to the television and lastly the qle dak TV supports multiple sound assistance such as Bixby Amazon Alexa and Google assistance so you can quickly find your favorite TV shows movies etc or even just ask you regular questions all of these features are important to provide a sense of freedom

when you’re trying to watch your favorite TV show if you have that one sibling who wants to watch a different show at the same time you just put it on multi bu or you can use your phone as well on top of that if you want to watch YouTube or you can use one of the many voices since to find your favorite show quickly without needing to figure out the channel number this TV looks amazing has a very unique and eye-catching the sound is on a whole other level the resolution is extremely top-notch and it provides an easy-to-use interface

this new Samsung TV provides the complete package and it’s a mobile-ready TV so you can connect your phone’s content to it the next product that I wanted to show off is the zero as discussed before this TV rotates from a horizontal view to a vertical one and it mirrors your phone’s display this is perfect for those who always take pictures or videos in portrait mode no matter the occasion Plus nowadays with everyone usually viewing content on the go it’s not unusual to view and interact with content in a vertical manner scrolling through social media

the web YouTube videos when you’re trying to read the comments and more are all usually done on your smartphone in portrait mode it’s a new norm Samsung has seen this trend and expanded it to the TV industry on top of that using the zero is pretty straightforward you would think that connecting your phone to the TV would take a couple of steps by hopping into the settings and enabling something or giving access to specific permission but now all you need to do to mirror your phone’s display is type your phone on the side of the screen then you tap the correct TV

that pops up on the phone’s menu and you immediately see your phone screen on the TV this feature is called tap view and it supports both Android and iOS devices in my opinion there is a huge role for mobile devices inside the home and Samsung is definitely catering to this by including a wireless and seamless connection into the zero what really impressed me is how good my phone screen look on the big screen as you guys know usually when you try to mirror a phone onto another it’ll look pixelated or it’ll have a really long delay but with the SERO

that is not the case you display everything in great detail and the response time was quick now whenever you have a group of friends over or your family members and you want to show off something on your phone screen quickly then you’ll be happy that you had the zero he’s the way that’s it for the CES video thank you to Samsung for bringing me out to CES.



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