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New Graphic Update in Farming Simulator 20

Hi everybody welcome at your Back to a brand new article. if you are new to this website you won’t know my name I am Kevin I create Farming Simulator game article  I pretty much create all the news article on YouTube about Farming Simulator and if you do like news and you want to hype yourself up for the game and want to learn more then make sure you subscribe and turn notifications on! And that’s my intro in 24 seconds Wow that’s a record… feeling excited because I have some great news so I have just had a thought I’m really excited going I just so far about the gameplay in FS 20

So the gameplay has just occurred to me, FS 19 got a huge upgrade got brand new graphics engine compared to what FS 17 had, so that means if they’re upgrading their games I’ve said this before and I’ll say again FS 20 is gonna have a huge and I mean huge it’s gonna be insane a massive upgrade to the graphics we are gonna see potential console-quality graphics on your iPhone it’s gonna be absolutely crazy guys you don’t know how excited I am for FS 20 if you are if you’re really excited for FS 20 to make sure you share the article tell me you’re excited as well I’m really really excited guys

so what I want to say is that it’s gonna be not only a huge upgrade to the graphics engine there’s gonna be a huge huge overhaul of the entire game itself and I’m talking graphics, vehicles, tools, fields, and crops everything a huge huge huge update and I’d be really really excited to see some of these features I mentioned in the game so FS 20 will be a massive massive upgrade from FS 18 and 16 previously

so this is gonna be a massive massive upgrade from the previous FS mobile games and I think this could really revolutionize the gaming/ the mobile gaming industry like I said previously the game is gonna be really really cheap as well nothing expensive nothing like FS 19 was which is like 30 pounds or 20 pounds on DL gamer *wink* well

what I’m really excited is that the game you can Play on your iPhone or your Android device like I havek so you see most people can’t afford a decent PC for Farming Simulator like I’ve got a decent PC but not many people are lucky to have been really nice PC however you do have a phone and that’s where more games for them so mobile games obviously have taken off in the recent years and it’s really really good so you can play all kind of games you can play Fortnite if you like that or you can play clash of clans and more cool games on your phone and it doesn’t matter what phone you have as long as you have a smartphone you can play any of the games

it’s really really exciting as you can usually get the same experiences on the expensive PC so with that being said FS 20 I hope Giants recognize that, And Giants if you’re watching you need to recognize that and I think that’s the mistake they’re making they’re just not spending enough time on their mobile games and that’s my channels proved in the past three/four months, there’s a huge sector of Farming Simulator fans that just only play mobile or also play mobile games,

I played the mobile games I’m hyped for FS 20 because not only is it gonna be a break from FS 19 as I have played that too much but also the whole portable aspects so if you are going the whole day or you just want to play in the car or anything like that then you can use your phone for you don’t have to be connected to the internet so you can play on flights or in the car or a train or anything like that you can just play it, just take out your phone and this is really really cool and
that’s why I think the mobile game industry is really blowing up in the recent years so as the phones get better so the graphics are FS 20 like I said is gonna be really good so if you have one of the new phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 so if you have one of them really really good for like iOS 13 then you will be able to run the game and I can’t express it enough, in really really good graphics and really good frames, so if you do have a good phone so the older the phone probably the worse you’ll run the game worse for actually is seeing like as you phone it’s older so if you have a medium phone like I have,

I have a Samsung Galaxy j3 around 2018/ 2017 phone and will run the game quite well I also have a Samsung galaxy tablet which I’ve had for five years and I used to death might not probably run it as well as purely because the phone is newer and it’s just more advanced so that’s one of the reasons why I’m trying to express me if you don’t have a really really good phone you can still run the game but it’s not as well as you have not as well as if you have a good form so he doesn’t matter what phone you have you can still play FS 20 we can play as well as other people come

so I think the game’s gonna be really good and you can optimize the game so you can play just as well but we don’t know we’ll just have to wait and see and I pretty much sums up this article today I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I need Farming Simulator 20 suggestions for videos and in the comment section so go down comment what you want to see.


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