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OnePlus 8 Pro Honest Review after 1 month use

so here’s where I think about the 1 plus 8 pros and if it’s worth dropping 900 dollars for it dropping thumbs up if you want another review for the 1 plus 8 now there are 3 main features that caught my attention when using this phone the first one was the display second was performance and third was water-resistance obviously there are a ton of other upgrades and changes

that we’ll discuss but those were my main satisfactions so let’s clear the air with the water-resistance part since that’s the easiest thing to explain the 1 plus 8 pro finally has an official IP rating for water resistance it’s IP 68 meaning you can submerge this thing in a pool of water and it’ll be fine

that’s great news because that was really one of the main reasons that I missed having when switching over to a 1 plus now that it’s here I can finally use my phone in the shower breath alright now I mean like no I mean when I’m swimming actually yeah when I’m swimming now the screen of the phone isn’t a specialist as the 1 plus 70 pro or the 7 pros obviously it’s missing that motorized pop-up selfie

so that’s the main reason and I’m not gonna lie I do miss it for two main reasons one is for security you’ll know exactly when it’s capturing your face and 2 it’s just cool every time the camera pops up I feel like it’s a futuristic gadget from a James Bond movie since very few phones out there had this Hardware feature but still, with this new front camera hole punch in the top left corner it’s unobtrusive and I never really noticed it especially

when the dark theme is enabled plus you can choose to hide it within the settings surprisingly the phone even has a better screen to body ratio than its processor which is mostly due to the screen being a bit larger at 6.78 inches so it’s the perfect sized screen for watching movies or playing video games obviously there are bigger phones out there like the galaxy s 20 ultra but the difference in size isn’t tremendous plus in addition to a big screen

it also comes with dual stereo speakers quad-HD resolution its AMOLED HD is 10 plus it’s brighter at 1300 nits making it the brightest phone that I’ve ever used yet and it has way better color accuracy than his previous processor they also managed to improve the auto-brightness setting in the past I’ve never really enabled this feature on anyone plus device since it’s constantly lowered or higher the brightness a bit farther than I’d like now I no longer have that issue you can even take it a step further and enable

the new true-tone like comfort tone feature to adapt the screen color to your current environment making the display easier on your eyes those are all awesome display features to have in any smartphone for my overall favorite upgrade of the display is that it now supports a hundred and twenty Hertz this is awesome and unlike Samsung, you can run 120 Hertz at full quad HD resolution obviously

I want to recommend not enabling the auto power-saving mode since the battery life will drain much quicker but it’s still nice that oneplus gave us that option navigating throughout the interface scrolling through my social feeds or just playing video games that support 120 FPS provided an indescribable experience it’s hard to show off on camera but I did manage to find this video by mark or tech that does a decent job of comparing a 60 Hertz display with a 120 Hertz display the difference is more than noticeable also even though you would think a bigger screen means a harder time holding

the phone that’s not the case here just like its processor the form factor of the phone is narrow and tall so that you can easily grasp it with confidence however that’s not to say that it’s easy to use with one hand, especially since oxygen OS, isn’t as one-handed Brentley as some other smartphone software’s out there like Samsung’s One UI interface on top of that the phone is a bit slippery to hold due to the back be made on glass and you are bound to get some oily imprints in there especially

if you get the interstellar glow model for the 1+8 so as usual with any of my phones I like to slap ad brand skin on the back they have a variety of textures to choose from for almost every smartphone out there but the one that I really enjoyed using on the pro is their teardown skin because it lets you see the inside of the phone in detail and it’s really cool

how oneplus secretly included a red battery on the inside the bronze-colored bridle is hard also looks pretty cool on top of it if you’d rather rocky Keys for better protection deeper and also sells some tough ones simply called grip you can even customize the grip by aligning each skin on the back of it I’ll leave a link in the description

if you’re interested in checking out some of their products anyways the display is spectacular there is one thing however that I don’t bike and that is the waterfall curve it’s not as dramatic as the 1 + 7 probe but it’s still prominent enough for my palm to create accidental touches when using the phone without a case for example when I’m typing on the keyboard there are a few occasions

where my palm will type out a random letter F da Pro had less dramatic side curves sort of like on the galaxy s 20 ultras it would be perfect the performance was the third feature that caught my attention it’s not unusual for a1 plus bone to be stupid fast and this year was no exception about a month ago I reread the galaxy s 20 ultras and in that video, I talked about how that flagship was the fastest phone

I had ever used period well not anymore because the oneplus 8 pro is just as fast it even feels a bit quicker at times the difference won’t be as noticeable unless you compare the two side-by-side but it’s not just the new snapdragon each 65 chipset or the large ramp capacity which now supports ddr5 it’s also due to the simplistic stock like oxygen OS software you see one of the things

that I love about the software is that it’s a slightly modified version of Android 10 if you’re coming from a pixel Motorola or an essential phone this interface will be straightforward and recognizable and because it’s a less feature-packed interface fun compared to one UI it’s no surprise that things just run a tiny bit faster I’m not sure if you guys heard but some of the new additions to the software include some new dynamic wallpapers both AMOLED and bright ones

that shift colors based on the current weather conditions in your area and every time you unlock the device live wallpaper animates beautifully there are two new features in the oneplus laboratory within the settings the first one forces a dark theme for some unsupported apps like PayPal Google Translate etc

I absolutely love this feature and hope he gets expanded to support a ton more apps and the second feature called hyper motion smoothing manages to convert 30 FPS videos into 60 or even 120 fps it works with YouTube’s net the oneplus gallery and more I personally don’t enjoy watching fluid videos just because it looks weird and it seems too realistic but I can definitely see the appeal for those who enjoy watching sports or action-packed content there’s a new fingerprint animation called energy and the oneplus launcher finally replaced the controversial shell panel with google discover

however, be careful when installing a different version of the launcher off apk mirror even if it is a newer version because I excellently did that and is switch back to the shell panel on the pro since I wanted the newly redesigned overview page those are the main software changes out of the box the only thing I wish they could include in the future isn’t always on display and according to the twitter it seems like they’re working on it and I’m not going to lie I did have some software problems

when I first got the device for whatever reason the Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity have been disconnected from me randomly I never experienced so much instability for the internet connection on a phone before maybe it’s due to be being on a mesh-based Wi-Fi system and I know that I’m not the only one who’s experienced these connection issues David Wright a cobra Andrew police also said

he was having the same problems recently however they did push out an update that enhanced the mobile data and Wi-Fi transmission stability and that did greatly improve the connection but I still occasionally experienced a couple of disconnections as for the software updates oneplus has a good track record they promised bi-monthly security patches and are usually among the first to get new major Android releases

so if you were worried about purchasing a $900 phone that will get slow updates that’s not the case here what is a slow effect is the battery life dying with an increased capacity of four thousand five hundred and ten milliamp hours this thing easily lasts the entire day no matter what I do and as you know with this pandemic going on we’re all using our phones a lot more now and thee Pro has had no problems gave me through

the hours of the content that I consumed on a single charge with quad HD resolution and 120 Hertz enabled I was able to gauge screen on time of around five hours but when lowering the resolution to 1080p I managed to increase the screen time to about seven hours which is impressive considering that the galaxy s 20 ultras only got me around five to six hours and I used that phone at 1080p resolution with a hundred and twenty Hertz enabled one of my favorite charging features on the Plus eight and a pro is that a learned your charging habits and only completely charges to a hundred percent when it knows that you’re going to pick it up and use it

for example, if you leave the phone to charge overnight it will rapidly charge to around eighty percent then it will slow down and only complete charging in the morning when you wake up in order to save the battery performance in the long run and for that cherry on top the one plus April finally supports wireless charging it’s another feature alongside water resistance that I always wanted and they went above and beyond by releasing a new wireless charging station called warped charge dirty Wireless is by far the fastest wireless chargers that I have ever used and the pro also supports reverse wireless charging which I haven’t seen too many tech reviewers talk about starting with the charging station

it can literally charge my device to fifty percent in just half an hour it’s insane it even has a fan on the inside to keep the phone cool while it charges which is also pretty fancy aesthetics wise it’s not the most appealing piece of tech that I’ve seen and it’s pretty expensive at seventy dollars and it won’t charge any other phone at the same speeds but if you’re planning to get the pro getting the station is a plus

it’s really nice to just toss this thing in the dock and have it charge at similar speeds just like those wired fast chargers as for the reverse wireless charging it’s definitely a cool feature to show off to your friends but you’re not gonna use it that often sent a does charge extremely slow at 3 watts

it’s still worth noting though another thing that’s also nice about this phone is the biometric unlocking speeds it uses the same optical in-display fingerprint reader which seems to be a bit larger and performs a little faster the freeze and lock feature is still insanely fast but it hasn’t improved over its processor it doesn’t really need to either because it still outshines most higher-priced flagships like the galaxy s 20 old truck galaxy note n plus or iPhone 11 Pro however the fingerprint reader isn’t the keying in terms of speed it unlocks just as fast as the s20 ultra camera performance

however has changed but in a weird way some would even go as far as to say that it has improved here’s the thing with smartphone photography the norm is usually to provide an accurate representation of what’s in front of you, in other words, the camera will usually try to replicate the same type of colors shadows contrast highlights, etc but with the oneplus 8 Pro it seems like the pictures are taking on the main sensor run through a filter and also get modified excessively to provide a dramatic or fantasy picture the results usually include a stronger contrast various color balances excessive saturation

it’s a lot I’m sure there will be a division between people who love the pictures taken on this phone for being so unique and a good amount of people who don’t for not being accurate enough I’m leaning more towards the accurate side of the spectrum but that’s not to say how the picture is taken on this phone are bad at all in terms of detail on the light performance it provided solid results sometimes it can’t be inconsistent and providing good quality shots but for the most part I’m still satisfied

it doesn’t come anywhere as close as Google’s Nightside mode or Sam six-night mode but it’s still okay in terms of what type of physical camera modules you get with the pro it’s still the same combination a 48-megapixel main lens with a larger aperture size 8-megapixel telephoto with 3 X optical zoom hanging out on its own Island a 48 megapixel ultra-wide which can still be used for macro shots and a new color filter camera which I personally found to be useless I mean its main purpose is to provide a single photo chrome filtered mode and after looking at the results

it just makes the scenery look gold black and white as for the front camera it seems to be the same 16-megapixel module but with a bigger aperture for better low-light performance it’s an OK camera nothing over the top like the galaxy s 20 ultras 14-megapixel front lens a new camera feature that I thought was cool is that the oneplus 8 makes it easier to take pictures of your pets even if they won’t stand still it has a sensor that detects indoor flickering and adjusts the shutter speed it works for the most part but it’s definitely not consistent for example there were a few times

where the shots come out looking a bit blurry finally for the video I just love that they offer the option to record in an aspect ratio of 21 by 9 more phones need to follow this trend since practically every smartphone display release in the past 2 or 3 years has a 21 by 9 aspect ratio hopefully in the future 21 by 9 becomes the normal standard / 16 by 9 after the video quality is been great everything is well-exposed videos are extremely smooth thanks to OIS and the audio sounds great thanks to the three microphones working in harmony

it reduces background noise well still keeping your vocals loud and clear so it’s what the audio sounds like hopefully it sounds nice lastly appeal my favorite features I want to mention before I sign off are the alert slider is still a lifesaver when I want to silence my phone without pulling it out of my pocket 5g connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 is nice to have but I really hope they can stabilize those connections with mesh Wi-Fi networks the new haptic vibration engine that is 11% more powerful is awesome for gaming and

that new Glacial green color is beautiful but I wish they would have also included an interstellar Glo option as I did with the oneplus 8 because I would have definitely copped that model over this one indeed do I recommend you go out and purchase this phone if you’re looking to get an upgrade yes there’s a lot the oneplus a pro offers for your lower price than its competitors obviously a starting price of nine hundred dollars is still not cheap at all but it’s not an uncommon trend to the pricy flagship

this high up especially considering that it has the latest cutting-edge technology including 5g the newest processor water resistance the latest Android version 120 Hertz fresh rates a ton of cameras the list goes on and on and the only fun that even comes close to competing with the oneplus 8 pros is the galaxy s 20 ultra since a has similar specs and hardware but it is $500 extra and that will definitely hurt your wallet

I think the only thing holding anyone back from purchasing the oneplus a pro would be that it doesn’t have the best smartphone camera you’re not a fan of the curved display or you’re on a budget either way that’s my ponytail comparison of the oneplus a pro


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