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Samsung Galaxy A71 Hands on Honest Review in 2020

so before we begin this video I would like to address the elephant in the room. Oh my days, Today we wanna talk about the Samsung Galaxy A71, I used this phone about a week recently and I was really impressed by it. And for anybody

who doesn’t want to sit down and watch me talk about all the features and all the specs of this phone, I’m going to give it to you straight so, TL;DR this is a fantastic phone, in fact, I can go as far as saying this is probably the best budget Samsung phone that I have used in recent times. It is better than the A51 by a mile at least and it’s just an all-around fantastic phone. The cameras perform great, the design is decent, plastic but decent and it actually is a performance beast. So, without wasting any more of your time let’s jump right into the video by starting with talking about the design of the phone.

The actual design of this phone is not much different than the A51, it’s plastic on the back, gorilla glass in front and it actually looks nice because it has this glowy aurora color thing where the color shifts when you move the phone into light or around a light or whatever. As I tested the A51 just like the A71, even though it’s plastic it’s actually pretty durable, the phone does not flex when you press it and if you actually drop it can withstand a lot of drops because it’s plastic and not glass.

A glass phone is going to break a lot easier than a plastic phone. Moving away from the design let’s talk about the performance of the device, this device has the snapdragon 730 chipsets with the Adreno 618 GPU. Now, that may not sound like a lot but it also has 6 gigabytes of RAM, at least the version that I tested had 6 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. Now of course there are versions of this device that have 8 gigabytes of RAM but I didn’t get an opportunity to test those,

I only got a hands-on with the 6 gigabytes RAM version. You can also expand the storage of this device up to 512 gigs with a tf card or something and you can also use dual sims along with your TF card for expansion which is actually pretty convenient. Now performance wise like I said in the intro of this video this phone is a performance beast, I mean, there is no task, there are no games, there is nothing you are throwing at this device that it’s not handling like a champ. Background tasks are running fantastic, everything is working great, I absolutely love this phone. I don’t know if you can tell but if I am judging based on the performance alone you should absolutely buy this device.

Moving to the physical bits of the phone, the phone has a 6.7-inch screen that’s 1080p by 2400 pixels and the screen is beautiful, I mean it looks like something straight out of the future. It just looks fantastic. I thought the a51 was beautiful, the a71 is just as beautiful, but the AMOLED screen does have some issues. I mean, I had this phone for just 7 days or was it 8 days, I am not sure now. At that time, I already started noticing screen burn issues on the bottom left corner of the phone when the always-on display thing came on after I locked the phone, which was a little weird to me.

I mean the phone was pretty much brand new so there is no reason why a screen that was brand new like that should already be having screen burn issues in any capacity whatsoever. But this problem existed, I saw it first hand and it’s not as if somebody else told me about it. Now of course this is just a single unit, it’s not as if I tested 500 units and 300 of them had a defect. This is just the one unit that I tested and for the most part, it wasn’t an issue. When the screen was on I didn’t notice it, this only really became a problem when the screen was off in always-on display mode.

Now you might notice from the home screen of this device that I am not using Samsung one UI and the reason why I don’t use one UI is that I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. It just sucks to me, so the first thing I usually do when I get a Samsung phone these days is, I download a completely different launcher, I put a different wallpaper, put different Icons just to make it look a little less terrible in my opinion. Now, speaking to probably what is my favorite thing about this phone, the cameras on the phone. It’s got a quad-core camera setup on the back which does a fantastic job.

I mean, I have seen flagship cameras not do as well as the cameras on the Samsung galaxy a71 does. It’s got a 64-megapixel main shooter F1.8 and the pictures straight out of this thing are fantastic. They look sharp like they are insane, absolutely insane. A 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor that takes insane ultra-wide photos, when you compare the regular photos to the ultra-wide photos you would be surprised at how much of the environment this thing captures. Like it’s absolute insanity.

You can see the photos on the screen right now to understand what I am talking about. Taken at basically the same time from the same position with both lenses and you can see how wide that ultra-wide lens is. You don’t know that you need it until you actually get to use it. You also get a 5-megapixel macro sensor, I have never really been much for macro photography like even with my actual camera I barely ever take any macro photographs but the Samsung galaxy a71 makes me want to take macro photographs, like the cameras are that good. In fact, I took some macro photographs with this phone just to show you how good this 5-megapixel sensor is.

You also get a 5-megapixel depth sensor which I believe is what you use for your portrait mode and the portrait mode on this phone works fantabulous. I mean it just works, I can not complain about any aspects of the phone, I cannot say oh this is wrong with the camera or that is wrong, it just absolutely works. Video wise you can actually shoot up to 4K video with electronic image stabilization on the back if you are shooting 1080p. “The thing that does not have a good experience at all, you are posting the rubbish.

Why this?” And you actually can shoot slow-motion video up to 240p, that’s super super super slow motion, that’s like 10 times slow motion if you are trying to do cinematic video at 24 FPS, that’s insane. You also have a selfie camera that’s 32 megapixels. Takes fantastic selfies and also can do portrait mode photos, which is fantastic. The videos out of this, however, are only capped at 1080p which is honestly not bad, I mean why do you need more than 1080p for your selfie Instagram and TikTok videos what exactly… why?! I think the absolute most insane thing about this phone though is going to have to be the battery life, I mean it’s got a 4500 mAh battery.

For numbers that may not sound like a lot, I mean it’s not 5000 and it’s not 6000 but the 4500 mAh battery on this phone lasts a ridiculous amount of time. In fact, it lasts so long that I had to wonder if… I am dunno. Like the screen is so big, the phone is so big, how is the battery lasting so long. I could charge the phone full in the morning and I step out of the house at 8 AM, come back to the house midday and I still have about 90 percent of my battery. And that is on heavy use, I am constantly texting, constantly tweeting, constantly scrolling through Instagram posting stuff and my battery just refuses to die, in fact, I think I got two full days of use from this phone.

Now probably you could say the reason I could get two full days of use from this battery is that I simply don’t play games on my phone. That might be true but I do use my phone a lot. I mean I am a social media person constantly tweeting and constantly texting. So if I am able to use a phone for two straight days without having to worry about my battery. That to me is an absolute win. I think ultimately what I am trying to say is the Samsung galaxy a71 is a truly fantastic phone, it all depends on what you are looking for. Now as at the time I am making this video the Samsung galaxy a71 is selling for around $425 on Amazon, that’s not a good price.

I mean it’s a good price because it’s a fantastic phone, but it would have been better if it was $399. I would be able to confidently beat my chest and say go out and buy this phone. I mean obvious 25 dollars is not a lot of money so if you already can pay $399 why not pay $425. But I feel like because this is a Samsung phone if you waited a couple of months or even a few weeks the price is probably going to drop. But even at 425 dollars, this is still a fantastic phone to buy. In fact, I would probably say this is maybe one of the first Samsung phones that didn’t feel like it was costing way more than it should.

Like the phone is actually worth the money. Samsung did not try to swindle the customers and they did not try to short change you with the cameras and the performance and everything this phone packs for the bang for the buck and what they are giving you for your money. It’s an absolutely fantastic buy, in fact, they put a 25-watt charge brick… fast charge brick in the box. They also give you a TPU case, it’s a plastic… I didn’t get any footage of these things because I simply didn’t think they were important but they exist and this phone has super fast-charged. And that is one of the many features they actually give you this phone which is absolutely fantastic.

I love it, I can’t complain. Look the fact is as an end-user, it’s impossible for me to not appreciate what Samsung has done with this phone. The design is great, the cameras are absolutely phenomenal, performance is insane, durability is meh but it works, I mean it’s decent. And the battery life is just absolutely out of this world bonkers. You cannot find another phone that’s that big with a screen that nice, a screen that large. That’s going to perform as well as this phone at that price and the battery is going to last that long. I don’t know how they did it but they absolutely did it. Anyways, that was my opinion of the Samsung galaxy a71


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