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Simplifying Android App for Students to Use in 2020

if the week since we’ve been in quarantine or practicing social distancing and if you’re bored out of your mind why not take this time to take yourself in your skill after all learning is a way of life so today I will start it off by showing you some of the best educational apps that you can install on your phone no matter if you have an Android let’s start it off with


Download – brilliant


this is the perfect app if you want to gain a better understanding of math science or computer science it doesn’t focus on any other material just those three subjects and it strays away from the traditional way of learning such as memorizing formulas or reading long boring textbooks instead it will teach you through a learning by doing approach so it will include well-written explanations that are easy to follow and understand and it will also have interactive problems such as multiple-choice questions graphs pictures sliders etc this is so you never get bored with the content that you’re learning it also has daily challenges

if you’d rather just hop on and do some quick mathematics or physics to freshen up the brain if you’re curious some of the topics include mathematical basics algebra geometry stats calculus and even advanced mathematics for those who are in college and are majoring in mathematics for science they have chemistry physics quantum mechanics Applied Science and more and for computer science they show you the fundamentals and basic ideas that are used when coding any language the type of things you would learn if you’re trying to get a degree in the field so anyone of any age can use this app the only downside is that it’s only free for seven days afterward

you’ll need to pay a subscription if you’d rather have a broad range of materials to choose from to learn multiple things at once that aren’t just school related topics I definitely recommend Skillshare they happen to be the sponsor of this video but seriously this is a fantastic learning app with a powerful online learning community their approach to teaching is made through easy to follow videos that are made by fellow creatives so it really empowers you to accomplish real growth in your life

I experienced a ton of growth by using Skillshare platform to learn how to code better in various different programming languages since I am pursuing a computer science degree at a university for example they have fantastic web development classes one of my favorites was the JavaScript toolkit write cleaner faster and better code it’s by Christian Hellman the class taught me the basics of coding in JavaScript and all the techniques every developer should know to code a lot faster but they also offer thousands of other classes for creatives and curious people on topics such as illustration design photography video production productivity courses and more most of the classes are under 60 minutes so you can learn something quickly and it won’t interrupt your schedule

that much skill sure is also incredibly affordable especially when compared to pricy in-person classes and workshops and annual subscription is less than 10 bucks a month and guess what just first 500 of my subscribers click the link in the description we’ll get to three months of premium membership so you can explore your creativity not a bad way to learn something new

DIY life hacks and tips

Download – DIY life hacks

DIY life hacks and tips is an app that will explode your mind multiple times or even make you angry that you’ve been living your life without knowing a specific fact for example did you know that you can use lip balm to heal paper cuts and immediately stop the pain or that you can press control shift T to reopen the last time you closed just in case you closed it by accident whether you can rerecord a voicemail by tapping the pound sign another one is that

while showing someone a picture on your phone you can zoom in a little so they can’t swipe to the next picture or how about creating a cool DIY key holder entirely made from Legos those are just a few of the thousands of life hacks so you can learn from within this app the ios app store, unfortunately, doesn’t have the specific application but a great alternative is daily random facts

Daily Random Facts

Download – daily random facts for IOS

it also has a ton of amazing tips and tricks however it does suck that you have to pay an annual subscription just to unlock all of the different categories for those of you who want to learn a new programming language i have two spectacular options the first one is so learn a lot of people are familiar with this one since it has the largest collection of free code learning content it offers courses in just about any language you can think of even newer ones like colon or swift each session includes explanations about specific topics and then asks you a question to see

if you learn from the previous slide some lessons even have you type out real code within the app and that you run it to see if you did it correctly my favorite features are that every slide includes comments so that you can see what people think about the specific lesson you can program anything within the code section and run other people’s projects and there’s also a play section that lets you compete with other programmers in your level to see which person gets the most questions rights there are a ton more features within this app including a discussion panel however a great alternative is grasshopper


Download – Grasshopper

it only teaches you one language which is JavaScript but for the most part, once you learn one language learning another reason that’s difficult since they’re all very similar as you know any app designed by Google looks gorgeous and this one is no exception plus it breaks down the fundamentals very well and gives you hints and examples of what code to type next if I’m being honest even though

Solo Learn

Download – SoloLearn

solo learn is much more feature-packed grasshopper for the most part does a better job of teaching a beginner how to code since it has visual puzzles with examples on the same page and the colorful bright interface included with random animations keeps the user intrigued still both are great options no matter which one you choose to go with you’ll be able to code in no time if you’re the type of person who finds it easier to learn things through memorization then you most likely want a Flash Cards app Brainscape


Download – Brainscape flashcards

Brainscape flashcards is my first recommendation just because they claim to have partnered with schools publishers and educators to create certified flashcards for topics like the SAT drivers edie AP exams the spanish language or a ton more standardized tests in the u.s. so these aren’t just random cars that were created by a random person on the Internet once you add a deck to your library you can start by going through the flashcards one by one checking to see how well you know the answer just keep in mind that if you want the entire deck of a certified class or exam you’ll need to pay subscription however they still provide user-created packs that are all free to study a great alternative is Quizlet


Download – Quizlet

Quizlet you can create your own flashcards or study sets from millions created by other students once you add a set to your library it provides you with various ways to study the deck including creating a test out of it using a feature called learn which basically uses different techniques I wants to help you really master a subject or you can just use the traditional way last but not least I wanted to show off a brain training app so you can hopefully learn a lot quicker and train your brain to do things a lot faster Lumosity


Download – Lumosity

Lumosity is the first option it uses cognitive training to improve the mind it has science-based games that are designed to exercise your thinking speed memory attention flexibility and solving before each game the app tells you what the purpose is and what it’s designed to do the games are straightforward and easy to catch on to and after you finish each game you can see your performance stats that compare your strengths and weaknesses across the board the app is free to use but if you want to unlock the majority of other brain games and also have the ability to compare your brain stats with other people you will have to pay a monthly plan of 12 bucks after a 14 day trial if you want a free alternative checkout smarter


Download – Smarter

there’s at the same concept to boost your memory and mind they have games to improve accuracy attention to the details color coordination multitasking using logic and a lot more it has a ton more free options to the new masa D but I still prefer the Lumosity just because of the stats that it gives you so you can see how what your brain is functioning and how it improves over time is the way that concludes the best educational apps for both Android and iOS I’m sorry that all these apps have pricy subscriptions behind them but when it comes to education especially really good education it’s not cheap.


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